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ICE image Kwok's Projects (RGPS)
Ron Kwok

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Summer 98 Graphics Access
The time series of ice motion, deformation and thickness in Arctic Ocean during Summer 98 can be found in the tables below. Click on the desired thumbnail for an expanded view of these fields.

May 13-May 19

May 19-May 25

May 25-May 31

May 31-Jun 06

Jun 06-Jun 12

Jun 12-Jun 18

Jun 18-Jun 24

Jun 24-Jun 30

Jun 30-Jul 06

Jul 06-Jul 12

Jul 12-Jul 18

Jul 18-Jul 24

Jul 24-Jul 30

Jul 30-Aug 05

Aug 05-Aug 11

Aug 11-Aug 17

Aug 17-Aug 23